June update

Hello everyone, just an update on the kitties. Daisy and Frankie are getting along really well. Autumn is starting to get better wit him, only hisses or growls if he scares her. I gave Autumn a little haircut a week ago or so because she was shedding so much! Frankie got some dirt or something in his eye, but hubby washed his eye out with water so he is much better now.  Here are some photos of the cats, enjoy!

Shortly after Frankie got the dirt in his eye.
After the eye was washed out and easier for Frankie to open his eyes.
Frankie all zonked out!
We were doing some updates to the kitchen and Autumn loves heights, so she decided to supervise lol.
Here is Autumn and Frankie almost playing together.
Here is Daisy just chilling in the sunshine. She is getting so big!

Well, that’s all for today. I hope you are enjoying the pictures 🙂

– Noelle Martin 


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